Sade Adu: Izaak Theo Celebrates 3 Years On Testosterone

Izaak Theo

Sade Adu’s son, Izaak Theo has spent the last 3 years on testosterone treatment and has even been fitted with a male organ.

Izaak Theo used to be a girl and has now transitioned into becoming a boy. He has chronicled his journey so far and was thankful for his life and the support he has received. He took to his Instagram page to shoot a video in which he announced the 3 years of treatment. He also stated how thankful he is for life and how much he cannot believe how far he’s come.

In his own words,”Few weeks back, THREE YEARS ON T. Can’t believe it. What have I learnt? Other than a million things, Truly anything is possible. You can achieve pretty much anything set your mind to. Loving yourself is freedom and the universe has your backk if you put your trust in her. Big up for all the support yall. Much love always 🤘🏾✨”

Izaak has always had the support of his mother Sade Adu and has always been grateful for her support through his transition.

Izaak is a pretty talented painter and he showed off one of his works, a picture of his girlfriend, where he asked that she come home.

In that post he said: “Darling Angel!! it you, to you, from me. Finish slaying da world and come back into Ma life mmkkkk thanks ♥️”


It’s a great thiong that he has been able to transition so smoothly and is has been able to settle in to life. It’s also great that he has received the support of loved ones especially through such a trying time.

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