Ruth Kadiri Has One Or Two Relationship Advice For Upcoming Actresses

Ruth Kadiri baby

It is common in Nollywood to find popular actresses who are unmarried and from what appears to be some relationship advice, Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ruth Kadiri-Ezerika has dished out some interesting points she claims will help upcoming actresses in the industry find love.

The beautiful actress made this known via her Instagram page on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, and according to her, upcoming actresses should see their struggling period as a time nurture a relationship because it might be too late for them once they become famous.

She wrote;

Dear upcoming actresses while you struggle to build up your career if you are one of those who would eventually want to settle down, learn to build a relationship side by side.

It’s hard but try. Don’t wait till you are a star. Fame is a mirage, you do not know when it will come. When it eventually does, time might not be your friend anymore…story of most Nollywood actresses.

Ruth further stated that women who fight over men are wasting their time because they will eventually need more manpower to keep up the fight, hence it is better for them to understand their worths and get rid of the “inner circle” mentality.

What’s your take on Ruth’s advice? Yay or Nay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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