Runtown Reacts To The Ban Of Sniper Insecticide


Nigerian singer, Runtown, has criticized the Federal Government’s decision to ban the chemical, Sniper, from retail outlets.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) announced that they would be banning the sale of the small bottle size of sniper as it has become the weapon of choice for people seeking to commit suicide.

Husman Bukar, the Director, Veterinary Medicine and Allied Products Directorate said of the ban, “We have also placed a ban on the manufacture of smaller packs of Sniper which are easily purchased for household use,

“Recently, some suicide cases have been associated with people drinking Sniper. Henceforth, we call on the agro-chemical industry to enhance their distribution channels so that this product (Sniper) gets to only accredited distributors and marketers.”

Runtown took to Twitter to explain that the ban on Sniper only partially curbs the problem as it only solves the ‘How’ and it doesn’t in any way solve the ‘Why’

He tweeted: “Banning Sniper only tackles HOW people commit suicide not WHY people commit suicide. It’s like going to dry up the Lagos Lagoon because people use it as a tool for committing suicide. To truly curb this epidemic, we must focus on the reason WHY people do it.”


Many seemed to agree with him as the comments were filled with people stating similar sentiments about the ban and the effect it’s supposed to have.

It should be noted however, that the ban was not a blanket one and is said to only affect the small sized bottles that are being sold in most retail outlets and it supposedly has no effect on the large sizes that are most likely sold more in specialized retail outlets.

Runtown does have a point and the ban of sniper so far seems more like a temporary bandaid than any sort of definitive solution to the suicide epidemic that has supposedly swept the nation.

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