Rihanna Has A Doppelganger & She Is A Little Girl

Forget it guys, this is not the latest FaceApp craze playing tricks. Rihanna actually has a doppelganger and she is a little girl.

They say that everyone has a doppelganger, and it looks like the next generation is getting their own Rihanna. Riri, as she is fondly called, recently shared a picture of a young girl that bears a striking resemblance to the pop star and she was just as confused as her followers.

Rihanna captioned the photo,

almost drop my phone. how?


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almost drop my phone. how?

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Honestly, everything about the little girl in question is 100% Rihanna; from the pout to the hair to the skin tone, this angelic child is giving us some serious baby Rihanna vibes and we love it.

A little internet investigation found that the girl’s name is Ala’a Skyy, although it’s unclear how old she is. Her mother, Bria, often shares photos of Ala’a on social media and the striking resemblance to Rihanna caused the singer’s fans to tag her in the young girl’s pictures.

Reactions trailing Rihanna’s post on Twitter has left many of her fans wondering if the pop star has a kid she has conveniently hidden from the world.

See some reactions from Twitter below;

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