Rihanna Covers Vogue’s November Issue, Talks Fearlessness, Long-Awaited Album & Finding Love

Rihanna Robyn Fenty is the latest star to cover Vogue’s monthly publication and this time, she made history. This is Rihanna’s sixth cover for the publication, which means she now has the most solo American Vogue covers of any black woman in history.

Prior to this month, she covered the magazine in April 2011, November 2012, March 2014, April 2016, and June 2018. Previously, Rihanna and Shari Belafonte were tied for the same amount of solo American Vogue covers with five (Belafonte’s first cover was shot by Richard Avedon in 1982 and she had five throughout the ’80s). Naomi Campbell has two solo American Vogue covers, and Lupita Nyong’o and Beyoncé both have four.

Inside the issue, the Barbadian singer talks to Abby Aguirre about Fenty, that album everyone has been waiting for, finding love, and used the opportunity to send a few words to US president, Donald Trump.

On her music career and upcoming album, Rihanna said;

I have been trying to get back into the studio. It’s not like I can lock myself in for an extended amount of time like I had the luxury of doing before. I know I have some very unhappy fans who don’t understand the inside bits of how it works.

By “the album,” fans mean the reggae record Rihanna confirmed she was making more than a year ago: R9, as the Navy has labeled it. (It will be Rihanna’s ninth.) So, is R9 still a reggae album?

I like to look at it as a reggae-inspired or reggae-infused album. It’s not gonna be typical of what you know as reggae. But you’re going to feel the elements in all of the tracks.

Reggae always feels right to me. It’s in my blood. It doesn’t matter how far or long removed I am from that culture or my environment that I grew up in; it never leaves. It’s always the same high. Even though I’ve explored other genres of music, it was time to go back to something that I haven’t really homed in on completely for a body of work.

On the album release date, she said;

No, oh my God, they’re (Rihanna Navy) gonna kill you for that! And they’re going to kill me more!

On her relationship, Rihanna excitedly said;

Yeah, I’m dating. I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy. And yes, I want kids without a doubt.

On El Paso Shootings and her word for Donald Trump, she said;

It is devastating. People are being murdered by war weapons that they legally purchase. This is just not normal. That should never, ever be normal. And the fact that it’s classified as something different because of the color of their skin? It’s a slap in the face. It’s completely racist. Put an Arab man with that same weapon in that same Walmart and there is no way that Trump would sit there and address it publicly as a mental health problem. The most mentally ill human being in America right now seems to be the president.

Vogue’s November issue is set to be released on October 16th.

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