Reno Omokri reacts to Tonto Dikeh’s Video

Reno Omokri

Former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan and public speaker, Reno Omokri, has spoken out against Tonto Dikeh’s outburst against her ex-husband.

Reno took to his Twitter where he said that it was not good to wash the dirty linen of one’s Ex in public especially when there are children involved as this goes a long way in devaluing the child with whom he said is always inextricably linked with a parent.

Reno’s tweet reads: “Never wash the dirty linens of your ex, with whom you have kids, in public. You think you are devaluing them. You are partly right. But beyond them, you also devalue your children. A child’s value is INEXTRICABLY linked to the value of their parents

Reno Omokri has always been one to comment on trending topics giving off what he calls ‘Reno Nuggets’ which are basically wise words to live by.

Tonto Dikeh had an interview with Daddy Freeze along with a video in which amongst other things, she accused her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill of being a fraudster, a ritualist and a sexually stunted individual.

She also claimed in her interview that she was a woman without shame and that she had done nothing wrong in changing her son’s surname from his father’s to hers.

In a later tweet, Reno Omokri spoke on the issue again, putting up another Reno nugget where he said: “You can divorce your spouse (God HATES it), but don’t divorce your senses. If you say the tree is poisoned, you are INVARIABLY saying that its fruit is also poisoned. Love your child enough to protect its mother tree. Drop your EGO and let you EX GO

We know Tonto is the KING of clap backs so we cant wait for her hot hot response. I am sure we will not be disappointed but rather entertained. We are waiting!!!

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