Rema Finally Meets ‘Sister’ In Ivory Coast


Nigerian Singer Rema has finally gotten to meet the Ivorian girl who shares a striking resemblance to him.

The girl, whose name is still unknown, blew up a few weeks ago when a photo went viral with many people pointing out how much she looked like Rema.

Rema Look alike

The singer had a performance in Cote d’Ivoire and while there, he got to meet the female fan.

Rema shared this on his Twitter which he captioned: “I finally found my sister 😊❤️”

The girl also shared a short video on her Instagram page which featured Rema and the two of them just hanging out.

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@heisrema woh ☺️

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There isn’t much known about the girl besides the fact that she’s Ivorian and that she’s into Taekwondo. It seems she had even won an award for it as was evident from one of her story highlights.

Rema look Alike

The photo which the Mavin singer shared while innocent enough, got a couple of people responding with cheeky comments about how cozy they looked.

With a leg draped over hers, Nigerians were a bit suspicious of Rema’s intentions.

Like this tweet where a guy stated that the leg drape is ‘how things start’: “That’s how it starts. From putting leg on top her, you go out and there and pyant will start flying everywhere, two seconds everywhere don burst.”

Another made a Game of Thrones reference, comparing Rema to Jaime Lannister, “Your sister and your leg dey on top her leg like that. Rema Lannister”

Some were alarmed that the photo was taken in a hotel rather than in an outdoor setting. That aside though, many were just fascinated that they looked so much alike.

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