Rema Drops Colorful Video To Dumebi


Fast rising star Rema has finally dropped the video for his song ‘Dumebi’ and it is fascinating for all the things it is and all the things it’s not.

The song tells the story of a guy who likes a girl who doesn’t even notice and while by the end of the song she knows of his interest, they don’t get to spend any time together as they are quickly pulled away by the girl’s boyfriend.

And if you’re rolling your eyes at the premise because that’s what you see on many music videos, you’re right, it’s not a very new story.

But the visuals, that’s another story.

What struck me the most about the video to Dumebi was the very alternative atmosphere. The fashion of the characters and the backdrop of the story.

Dumebi kicks off with some shaky cam work which is almost vlog style showing these young people going on a trip.

From that point on, it’s just a beautiful video for any lover of alternative and indie. There was a nice, hippie vibe to it all as the kids go on a road trip, camp out in the stars and just have a good time.

The back of the truck they travel in is outfitted with fairy lights and drapes that give the atmosphere an overall campy feel.

Rema, who’s real name is Divine Ikubor has exploded unto the scene in recent times with the release of his most recent EP ‘Iron Man’ which features 4 songs including Dumebi, the EP’s title, Why and Corny.

He is from Benin, Nigeria and was signed to Mavin records and if his current trajectory is anything to go by, Mavin might have uncovered a rare gem.

Dumebi is a good song, but with the visuals that have followed it, it’s an overall great experience.


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