#Relationship – Five Most Likely Reasons Why He Does Not Respect You

RESPECT is RECIPROCAL meaning you can’t get what you don’t give.

In some cases, people don’t reciprocate the respect given to them. While this may be true, it is very important to know that no two relationships are alike.

Have you been getting some signs of “No Respect” you deserve to get in your relationship? Some of the likely causes include the following;

1. Entertaining Certain Characters That Do Not Please You.

Two wrongs can not make “RIGHT a WRONG”. That is the reason why forgiveness is important. In a relationship involving two adults, there must be a level of understanding not to keep hurting the other simply because she’s quick to forgive.

There must be a form of training by not always allowing nonsense and the man will find a way to stay conscious around you.

2. Not Knowing When To Give The Silent Treatment.

Do not let a man get comfortable disrespecting you because you’re calm.

You don’t have to become what you’re not simply because you seek respect from him. When you learn how to give the silent treatment, what is in your thoughts to do becomes a mystery which will make him wonder what your next move would be.

By doing so, you’re sending a clear message that you don’t tolerate all kinds of attitude. Giving the silent treatment could also mean, taking a break from the relationship to sort yourself out.

3. Being Overly Needy

Most ladies have this trait in them and it does not necessarily mean that you seek material things. It is the fastest way to be disrespected.

When a man realizes that you’re always want to be around him, it reduces your self worth thereby causing disrespect. Use your time wisely.

4. Not Setting Boundaries

You’re your own person before any form of relationship which means that there are things that upset you too.

Nobody has the right to hurt you only when you allow them to. By setting some boundaries, it gives people the idea(s) of what you do not tolerate.

5. Low Self Esteem

This is an important issue most persons tend to ignore. You do not put yourself down and wait for someone else to raise you up.

You have to place yourself in the level you’d like to be addressed from. Low self-esteem reduces your quality, therefore, causing disrespect.

Do not take bull crap because you’re worth more than that. Let it be evident in how you treat yourself.

How you start a relationship, matters a lot. Know what you both want from the relationship from the beginning of the relationship because it goes a long way to avert future problems.



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