Regina Daniels Introduces Alleged Ex boyfriend Somadina To Her Husband

Regina Daniel, Ned Nwoko and Soma

Actress Regina Daniels and her Husband, Ned Nwoko, hosted a number of Nigerian celebrities to lunch in Delta state.

After months of denying the rumours, including a terse statement from Nwoko where his rep said, “Allamdulilai, Hon. Ned Nwoko is of royal blood and he is entitled to as many wives as he desires. He is no kid and knows what is best for him. Don’t forget that he is a devout Moslem and he is entitled to more than a wife. He would not want to comment on Regina Daniels currently,”, we can all agree that the two are now a thing.

Now the two hosted celebrities who are colleagues to Daniels and the actress even introduced her alleged ex-boyfriend, Somadina Adinma to her husband (kinda feels like the Lion and the Jewel).

Regina Daniel, Ned Nwoko and Soma

It is clear that Regina Daniels is still close with her alleged ex as she wished him a happy birthday recently, putting up a heartfelt message, “There is no other male friend that can take your part in my life. This is true because you have been the best of them since this day. Happy birthday baby ❤️ @adinmasomadina

The relationship between Ned and Regina has caused a lot of debate about the morality of a young actress marrying someone who is clearly older than her by quite a number of years.

Many have criticized the relationship and some have even speculated that Nwoko might have committed statutory rape seeing as it is quite possible that the two met while Regina Daniels was underage.

None of this is confirmed of course and while Nwoko and Daniels might have met before she became legal, it’s also quite possible that nothing was consummated till she came of age.

Regina Daniel Ex Soma

They all seemed to have a grand old time, you can check out more photos here.  Regina Daniel Ex Soma1

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