Regina Daniels Doubts If She Has A Father, Days After Man Claimed To Be Dad

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels has finally spoken out over allegations that one Barrister Jude Ojeogwu is actually her father and disapproved of her marriage.

The Nollywood actress took to her Instagram and there she said that many people have claimed to be her father and that she sometimes doubts she has any.


She said in a story, “Every Dick and Harry claiming to be my Father, that is if i have one. Yo! I know who my father is”

Regina Daniels and her mother have had to endure comments and intense scrutiny in the immediate aftermath of her marriage to Ned Nwoko.

Jude Ojeogwu had set the ball rolling, releasing a statement online where he claimed to be her father and expressed disappointment that he was not paid a bride price. He also claimed that Regina Daniels is yet to turn 18.

Regina Daniels

Meanwhile, the whole marriage thing between Regina and Ned has caused different reactions online and one of the most prominent was from Shan George who took to her Social Media to slam Ned Nwoko, calling him an old, ugly man.

“Senator Ned Nwoko is an ugly sad little prick, with all his so called billions, aside sleeping wit some greedy actresses and buying them cars, or marrying little children all over the place, who him epp?” she said.

Shan George continued, “Is there a free well equipped children’s hospital in his own village built by him? Or a free primary/secondary school for all children of his village? Or free care home for d aged widows in his village? I mean only in his village, at least he can afford it. I’ve never seen an adult so disgusting and shameless. Wicked enough to put a lil child like Regina in a traditional cult of ‘don’t ever cheat on me’. His place in hell will sure be d hottest. (Well, this is just my opinion) Shan George”


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