Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko Are Relationship Goals As They Pack On PDA In Beautiful Video

Regina Daniels and Ned nwoko

If there are still dissenters to the Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko union, they certainly aren’t as loud as they used to be.

The happy couple have been flaunting their new married life all over social media with various snaps showing them enjoying meals and going to exotic places together.

It is clear that the two don’t really care what people think about their relationship as the two have been relatively quiet through the entire storm that followed their marriage and the fiasco with Regina’s alleged father.

In a post on Linda Ikeji’s Blog’s Instagram page, we can see both Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko engaged in some good old PDA.

Watch the video here

And if the comments that followed are anything ton go by, people are absolutely fine with it.

Regina Daniels and Ned nwoko

One of the comments read: “What else does one needs in marriage than happiness and love. And this man is ready to give it to her. It’s better to marry an old man that will adore and respect you than marrying all these chewing gum boys that knows how to play with someone’s emotions.”

Another lady said: “It doesn’t matter where you find love what’s most important is you are happy really love your significant other”

Another lady said that she had no problem if not for the age difference and the fact that he already has more than one wife already.

Regina Daniels and Ned nwoko

“Very Romantic man , Sweet love? if not for the age difference and polygamy ?‍♀️ everything suppose Stew? Because this man looks lettered and sound…+ too much money lol?”

All in all, it seems the couple have the blessing of a lot of people and it also seems that there are more men incensed with the union than women, which was a rather interesting note.

What do you feel about the relationship? Are you for or against it? Why? You can answer in the comments below.


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