Reekado Banks Pranked On Live TV For Using & Dumping A Nigerian Lady

Last night, the internet was sent into a frenzy when news broke that popular Nigerian singer, Reekado Banks was embarrassed by a Nigerian lady for allegedly using and dumping her on live TV.

The lady who simply identified herself as “Cindy” called in while Reekado Banks was a guest on Popcentral’s entertainment show accused the singer of ignoring her calls and messages after sleeping with her.

A visibly dumbfounded Reekado who sat down with his hands stretched out on the couch couldn’t believe what he had just heard and could only mumble the words,

What the hell is going on?

Sensing that trouble was brewing, the presenters were quick to end the call. Despite that, the persistent caller who needed to make her allegations clear called in again and requested that Reekado simply tell her he loves her, which he swiftly obliged to.

However, after some couple of minutes, the presenters revealed that they had just pranked him because he had earlier stated that he can never be pranked.

Reacting to the viral news of his embarrassment, Reekado took to his Twitter page to disclose that he was indeed pranked on the show, however, he does not like where the drama is headed.

To be honest, I stan with Reekado on this one; certain pranks can hurt or ruin a brand’s image. It was really an expensive joke on the music star given that rape allegations have been flying here and there. I hope his PR team will do a good job of managing this drama.

In the meantime, you can share your thoughts on the issue with us in the comments.


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