Recap of Game Of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 5

Game of Thrones

Alright guys, so by now we’re looking at just one more episode of Game of Thrones before it’s gone– forever (let that sink in for a moment)

So, what happened?

Game of Thrones has always prided itself as being a show that has not been afraid to end its characters, and while episode 5 delivered on the deaths, I can’t say there was any death that surprised me a great deal.

Varys died, Qyburn died, Sandore Clegane died (the hound) as did his brother The Mountain and Jaime and Cersei Lannister finally bit the dust.

This last battle wasn’t really a last battle, it was a massacre. The scene wasn’t about the battle, but rather the last straw and the completion of Daenerys’ tranformation from benevolent ruler to ruthless tyrant.

The Queen, who has been one of the great protagonists of Game of Thrones, was in pain over the death of Missendei from the last episode and paranoid over the fact that the people seem to prefer Jon Snow to her. This is why she wastes no time in executing Varys whom Tyrion reported had betrayed her. Before his death, Varys tried to convince Jon snow to go for the throne, an advance that the noble Snow rejected.

Dany was clearly beginning to lose it, showing a fragility that has hitherto not been seen. She admonished Jon over his decision to tell Sansa about his heritage, she also threatened Tyrion during a strategy meeting where it was revealed that she fully intended to rain fire on King’s Landing that if he failed again, it would be his last time.

Dany also informed Tyrion that Jaime had been taken hostage after he tried to go to Cersei. Tyrion sets Jaime free and begs him to talk to Cersei to surrender so that there won’t be unnecessary bloodshed.

The day of battle begins and we watched in fascination and awe as Dany used her dragon (Drogon) to destroy the Iron Fleet before taking on King’s Landing from behind and literally blowing open a wall for her men to invade.

It was after this that Cersei relented and the bells  which signified surrender were rung. It was the moment of truth to see if Dany would have mercy and accept the city’s surrender or if she’d become the mad queen.


To my complete expectation, she took the latter path and razed King’s Landing to the ground.

Through Arya’s eyes (she had gone to King’s Landing with the Hound) we saw the utter devastation that Dany caused and the carnage that followed.

Game of Thrones

We finally got Clegane bowl! Was it how I expected? I guess so, in the end both men died after the Hound hurled them both into the fire below.

Jaime and Cersei, blocked in a cave while trying to escape were crushed together by the falling debris.

Game of Thrones

The episode ended with Arya discovering a lone white horse amongst the ruins and riding off in the smoke filled horizon.

Game of Thrones is basically over and all we can expect from episode 6 is a resolution to all the plot threads that we’ve had since. With Daenerys’ act, it is clear that she has crossed a line, she can no longer be viewed as a benevolent queen and it’ll be interesting to see how Jon reacts to once more having to part ways with a woman he loves.


You can find a minute-by-minute recap here.

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