Reality Star, Nina Comes “Under Fire” For Allegedly Having An Affair With A Man Belonging To Two Other Ladies

Belonging? To two ladies? Yes, we are as perplexed as you are. Some days ago, Nina posted some loved up pictures and video on IG and everyone was “awwwwwwwiiiinnnggg” . Well two other ladies have come out to claim him. What did Nina think or say you ask?

Well, Nina is not bothered, I repeat, she’s not bothered about this news as she’s busy enjoying her sleep with a stern warning not to be woken up.

While we await her journey to Jaruma as part of her(Jaruma) gift to Nina who just recently lost her dad, the drama online has caught our focus.

The excited big brother reality star, Nina took to her social media page some days ago to show off her man with restrictions though as the face wasn’t too clear to see who the guy was. The revelations today revealed his identity.

The First Lady to call her out on Instagram goes by the name Queen who claims that she and the guy in question have been together for 3years.

Immediately, another report came in from an undisclosed friend of another lady who claims she is in a relationship with the same man.

Watch the video 👇

Nina has brushed off all allegations of snatching anyone’s man and seems to be enjoying herself immensely.

Her fans are asking many questions as to who is the guy really in a relationship with or is he the same guy Nina posted.



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