Rapper Ruggedman Attacked In London By Some Nigerians Over His Campaign Against Cyber Crime


Nigerian rapper Ruggedman was allegedly set upon by some hoodlums who tried to beat him while he was in London.

The rapper released footage showing the attack, but the video was very dark and it was difficult to verify anything.

According to the rapper, he was attacked because of his stance against cyber crime otherwise known as ‘yahoo yahoo’

The rapper said in his Instagram post: “Being attacked by 4 misguided boys will not deter me from fighting for the youths, even though they blindly fight me. #shoutout #londonmetpolic@london_police_department for prompt action.

“The restaurant owner was just asking if everyone had paid for their food ??”

There have been speculation that the people who attacked Ruggedman are fans of Naira Marley whom many believed was reported by the rapper to EFCC, a claim that the rapper has since denied.

Following the incident, he released a video on Instagram where he said he was safe and thanked all those who called him and asked about his wellbeing.

The reaction to the incident has been mixed with some Nigerians doubtful about the veracity of Ruggedman’s claims and others still criticizing Naira Marley and his fans.

One follower said on Twitter: “I just believe we need to stop over exaggerating this Naira Marley and Ruggedman issue, I watch both videos, the fight and Ruggedman appreciation to his fan. Their is absolutely nothing that proves that it’s was Naira fans that attack Ruggedman . This is just not necessary !!”

Another Twitter user said that the advocate was just using the event to promote his show: “So Ruggedman decided to release a video that we cannot see and said it’s NairaMarley fans, nawa o, dem attack you and you pass your phone to person make e dy record

“Ruggedman cun enter instagram looking too fresh and started promoting his show… this guy na scam i swear”

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We’ll keep you posted as more updates emerge about this fascinating case.

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