Rapper AKA Slams Cassper Nyovest Over Pro-Nigerian Tweet


South African rapper AKA has seemingly hit out at his fellow countryman and rapper Cassper Nyovest after the latter expressed how he wished he was Nigerian.

Nyovest had put out a tweet where he praised Nigeria and even said that he wished he was from the country.

On Sunday, the rapper was responding to a Tweet by someone who was expressed his wish that Cassper was Nigerian and how he was always true to himself.

In response, Cassper mimicked the sentiment, praising Nigeria and how they fully support their musical content.

His tweet read: “Won’t even lie. I wish I was from Nigeria too. The love they have for their own artists, the way they celebrate their culture, 90% local content on radio and Tv, the way they celebrate their music no matter where they are in the world, the unity within their industry. A DREAM!”



Apparently, this rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and the rapper suffered backlash for his Tweet, some from fans and even from rapper AKA who in a Tweet said: “You wish you were whaaat?! F**k outta here bruv!!!”

Cassper has said he stands by his words and he was fully supported by Nigerians including Ice Prince who tweeted his support for the rapper, “Africans Love #SouthAfrica And will always hold the country up and high up forever !!!!! We just need The same Love back with no comparisons, Generalism or divisions in any form or shape and Everything will be Nice @casspernyovest. You are as Nigerian as i am South African.”

AKA does seem to have something against Nigeria as his rant following Nigeria’s victory over South Africa in the African Cup of Nations proved.

The rapper had then taken to his Twitter to express his disappointment.

“Apparently, the dollies are saying … “but if Nigeria loses, who’s gonna buy the champagne?! I’m f*cking gutted. I’m hurt man. This match was bigger than football. The biggest rivalry on the continent. Why do we always have to lose against Naija at EVERYTHING. It’s a hard pill to swallow man. We keep on losing to Nigeria in every way. We should have just lost to Egypt … rather than Nigeria.” he tweeted

This was picked up by Tayo Faniran, who was just recently assaulted by policemen in South Africa in what is being called a xenophobic attack, who criticized AKA.

He said: “I’m disappointed in you AKA, we are preaching peace and all you do is to spit out this dirty nonsense? …

“You see when I mentioned that deep down many of these African stars that we support with our money and minds actually hate us, foreigners.

“I wish all your Nigerian fans can see this,”

What do you think? Is AKA a xenophobe, or just a very fierce patriot?

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