R.Kelly’s PR Manager, Darrell Johnson Resigns

R.Kelly who is having the worst time of his life right now has been ditched by his own crisis/PR manager who is rather scared for his daughter not to suffer the fate as the ladies who came forward to accuse the singer, than stat on the job.

It’s been such a bad time for Kelly as he’s currently facing multiple state and federal charges in the US which includes; sexual assault, abuse of minors, racketeering and obstruction of justice. All of which he has constantly denied. Together, he is facing 18 count charges.

Even since this whole thing blew up with Kelly in and out of the courtroom, he’s had a team set up for him, who are all trying to get his image in the public eye, up again as this has done a lot of damage to him and his career. Among the members of his team, is his PR manager, Darrell Johnson who has always been there when to defend the singer’s honour and tried as much as possible to convince the public otherwise of the alleged above accusations. But on Monday the 22nd of July, 2019, the said manager who has nothing but the positive comment about the singer, made a shocking revelation on “CBS This Morning” with Gayle King, that he will no longer be a member of Kelly’s team.

Darrell Johnson was on a business as a usual interview with Gayle King to defend talk about Mr.Kelly’s forthcoming appearance at the Federal court where he will be facing new sex crime charges, but things took a different turn while on the interview. He had earlier mentioned during the interview that, Kelly was a mess, scared and isolated and he thinks Kelly is on a suicide watch.

He was rather thrown aback when asked by King if he will be comfortable with his daughter hanging around Kelly, his response was, “absolutely not” leave his daughter with anyone that is accused of a paedophile, I would not!

His response was not quite perceived in a good light by King. She said, “that doesn’t seem like a contradiction to you? Sitting here defending R.Kelly but at the same time saying you wouldn’t leave your own daughter with him.”

He responded, saying;

While this came as a surprise to many, he gave reason(s) to back up his decision to quit the team which he described as personal and further added that, he has a daughter who’s in her early twenties and he wouldn’t have her hanging around someone who has been accused of a paedophile.

It was later reported by CBS on Monday after that Darrell Johnson had announced his resignation. He said; “I step down as crisis manager for personal reasons. Mr.Kelly is in good hands with Mr.Greenberg.”

Mr Steve Greenberg is the criminal defence attorney who heads Mr.Kelly’s legal team in Chicago.

This won’t be helping the case given that, a member of his team resigned because he can’t have his daughter around the 52-year-old singer!

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