Queen Wokoma Reacts To Ex-Husband’s Suicide Note

Queen Wokoma

Nigerian actress Queen Wokoma has reacted to the suicide note her ex-husband, Prince Kalada Allison, penned on Instagram last night.

The actress called on her followers and fans to please pray for the politician and that he would not take his life but rather fulfill his purpose on this earth.

She also added that she had spoken to him and that he seemed fine but that people should still pray.

Queen Wokoma

Allison had written a suicide note in which he requested that his son grow up to be a kind and responsible person. He had also pleaded with Queen Wokoma not to let any hatred she has towards him pass to their son. He apologized to his mother, political and business allies.

You can read his suicide note below.

I will always love you son, I’m sorry I can’t be here no more for you, when you grow up always remember all I told you. Be all the things I wasn’t, be strong, be appreciative, be close to God, don’t let anything in this life change you from whom you are, always be you @babyxavierofficial I ddid so many things to make sure you have the life you have today, don’t forget that, be content and strive hard to be great, @queenwokoma please do not pass the hate you have for me to my son, teach him how to love, make him understand that his father truly love him and would do anything to make him happy. 


I have lost everything but I give God all the glory, I’m the looser and you won. Mummy I’m so sorry for doing this but thank God I already gave you a grandson that looks so much like me and I’m sure you will always remember me each time you see him. God bless you all. My life has to end here, no one should mourn me, just bury me and continue living your lives. To all my friends, political and corporate I’m sso sorry, this is how God decided to reward me for serving him, I bless him and await my personal section with him to know why he said old things are passed away yet still visits us with our own sins.. #deathisinevictable #mytimehascome #suicide #nooneshouldbeblamed

Allison and Wokoma got married in 2017 but it seems things didn’t work out as in June, Allison announced that the two were splitting up.

He didn’t give any reasons for the break up.

We hope Queen Wokoma can get through this difficult time and that Allison finds some peace.

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