Punch Reporter Reveals What Really Happened At COZA

Adunni Adelakun

Aladunni Adelakun, a Punch reporter who writes columns for the Nigerian daily has revealed that she has been released after being held up by COZA’s security team.

The Punch reporter had gone to the Abuja branch of COZA to continue her investigation of Pastor Fatoyinbo who is under fire after his alleged rape of photographer Busola Dakolo.

She stated that she was held back by the church’s security team and they refused to let her go after she was identified.

She also claimed that allegations that she was arrested were false and that she is okay.

Aladunni said this in a tweet where she said: “I’m aware of the info abt my arrest at COZA today. I wasn’t arrested. Earlier, I sent out an image bcos I was concerned when pulled aside by the protocol dept for questioning. Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about me. I am sorry for all the misinformation out there.”

After this tweet, she was questioned by many people in the comments who wanted more information. Why was she detained? How were they able to pick her out? Was she the only one being questioned? These and many more were some of the things the Punch reporter was asked.

One commenter asked:

“Why were you pulled aside? Was it just you? What were you questioned for? Anything to do with the rape allegation? Can you reveal more details? Especially as word went out that you may have been illegally detained?”
Another told her not to try it with Muslims as she might not be safe, “You this woman ehn… You like daredevil stunt. Sha don’t try it with these IMN guys – they don’t have joy o. Anyways thank God you are safe. Oya start working on my Thursday appetizer!!!”

Ms Adelakun is a Nigerian writer and has written a book called, Under the Brown Dusted Roofs.

She was as at 2013 the youngest backpage columnist for the Punch and is positively a celebrity in the news circles.

There’s an interesting interview with her here

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