Princess Haya Battles Sheik Al Maktoum Over Custody of Children

Princess Haya

The ruler of Dubia, Sheik Al Maktoum is locked in battle with his estranged wife, Princess Haya over the custody of their children.

Princess Haya is seeking custody of the children and also an order that will prevent one of them from being forced into an arranged marriage.

This comes after stories came out of Sheik Al Maktoum’s suspicion of an affair by the princess with her bodyguard after the ruler caught her in what seemed like a compromising situation with her minder.

The reports also claim that the princess lavishes the bodyguard with gifts and an insider claimed, “The Sheikh came back to the house unannounced and found his wife with the bodyguard. His suspicions were confirmed.

“Having left for his sons’ wedding he was not expected to be back so early.

“He did not tell the staff he would be coming back and arrived unannounced at the house where he found his wife and the bodyguard. They were too close for his liking.”

Princess Haya had fled Dubai with her children claiming that she was “in fear of her life”

Yesterday marked the first day of the court case between the two in London’s high court in a full family division hearing presided over by Sir Andrew McFarlane

The Sheik was nowhere to be found.

The Princess applied for a non-molestation order and a forced marriage protection order, the former was a legal declaration to protect victims of abuse while the latter is to protect children from being forced into marriage. This includes taking a child abroad with the intent to marry the child.

Princess Haya and Sheik Mohammed got married in 2004 and it is thought that the Jordanian born princess is his 6th marriage.


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