Pretty Mike Shares Tips On How Not To Be A 40 Second Man And Tonto Dikeh’s Comment Below Is Hilarious

Pretty Mike

Alright kids (if you’re 18 or older), gather round and listen as i narrate Pretty Mike and his tips for not being a 40 seconds man.

The Night club owner took to his Instagram to explain how men can do it right in the bedroom.

And from the fact that Tonto Dikeh left a response which was positive, it seems Pretty Mike knows what he’s saying.

Of course this impromptu crash course is coming forth in light of Tonto Dikeh’s recent revelations about her ex- husband Olakunle Churchill

Read below.


Ladies deserve to enjoy the sex too.

Look Her Deep Into Her Eyes, While Holding Her Waist.. Give Her A Wet Deep Kiss Then Whisper To Her ears “baby You’re So Beautiful”..
Grab Her Ass While Kissing Her And Again Whisper “I Love You Honey”….
Go On And Start Romancing Her, Hold Her Boobs, Caress Them Softly,.. I Repeat Softly..

Then Start Sucking Her Nipples gently Till They Are Erect..
You’ll see, She’s Gonna Start Breathing Heavily.. Then Kiss Her Neck, Caress Her From Head To Toe, .. Compliment Her, Tell Her How Much You Love Her Body.

Pretty Mike

Now Go Down And Slowly Remove Her Panties, Allow Her To Lie On Bed As You Spread Her Legs,

Now Start sucking Her vagina, but to some people that’s disgusting, instead of that, use your middle finger and dip it gently in and out of the vagina.. But If the vagina looks dry, Don’t Even Go There.. Focus On The Clits,suck it or use your finger on the clits gently, do It So Well Until She starts Moaning,At This Point she wants you, you Don’t RUSH!!

Now Pull Out the PENIS, Then Pass It Around Her Body, Touch Her Neck, Her Boobs, Her Stomach Then Finally Touch Her Thighs with your PENIS .
Slowly, I repeat Slowly Insert the tip Of Your PENIS Into Her VAGINA, Then Pull It Out And Rub It On Her Clit Which Will Force Her To Bring Out Juices, she’ll be Wet like and soft and her pussy at this stage is very ready to accommodate any kind of dick without any single pain, just the full pleasure.

Now Insert The PENIS Again, Then Start By having sex Slowly, As You Make Eye Contact With Her, You Can Hold Her Boobs And Kiss Her As Well.. Tell Her How Sweet Her vagina makes you feel , Tell Her How You Love It..

Now You Can Spread Her Legs, And start having sex with her fast until she scream your name.

Man.. If You have sex with Her Like This, She Will Remember You For The Rest of Her Life..

and she will respect you as a man. Try ds and tnk me later


So, Pretty Mike has spoken, err…ladies do you agree?

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