President Trump Gets Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Vandalized

Donald Trump Hollywood walk of fame

President Trump has once again seen his star on the Hollywood walk of fame vandalized and even defaced with graffiti

A viral video has been going round which shows the perp applying paint to the Donald Trump’s star.

This is not the first time that the unpopular president has had his star vandalized, a few months ago, the star was broken with a pickax and defaced with the phrase ‘Putin’s Bitch’

The reaction to the crime has been mixed with some pleased that it happened and others condemning the action.

One Twitter user liked that Trump had his star on the walk of fame demolished although she admitted that it was probably the wrong thing to do. She said: “Per @ABC and other news outlets, today the @realdonaldtrump
star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed yet again. It’s not the right thing to do, but it sure is satisfying to see. The graffiti was a nice extra touch.”

Prior to this event, the city of West Hollywood was considering having the star removed as the incessant vandalism has led to costly repairs.

This has upset a number of people who feel that Trump is only having his star removed because he is hated and they do not believe the rhetoric being passed around.

Like this user who said: “It couldn’t be made any clearer that the reason they want ⁦@realDonaldTrump star removed from the Hollywood walk of fame is because they hate him.”

Now with the vandalism it will be interesting to see if the star will be removed.


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