Police Release Sketch of Suspect Who Attacked Bettie Jenifer

Chris Attoh and Bettie Jenifer

Greenbelt Police have released a sketch of the man whom they believe is behind the attack and murder of Bettie Jenifer.

Recall that recently, the wife of actor Chris Attoh was killed in Maryland after she was shot in a parking lot in Greenbelt.

According to Bellanaija, police department spokesman George Mathews said: “Our investigators do not believe this was random. It was very brazen – it happened in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses,”

Bettie Jenifer

Bettie Jenifer, 44, was married to Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh and while they were still married at the time of her death, things were looking rather shaky as the actor deleted all the pictures of Jenifer on his Instagram, a move which he’s done before, when he was about to split up with first wife, Damilola Adegbite.

The story took on an interesting twist when it was revealed that Bettie Jenifer was still married to her ex-husband, a notorious felon who goes by the name Kendrick ‘Pretty boy’ Jenifer.

There has been speculation that Jenifer might have had a hand in the murder although nothing concrete has come forth so far, but Kendrick has been described as a dangerous man with DEA special agent Todd Edwards saying of the drug dealer,“You ask anybody on the street if they knew who Ricky was –or ‘Pretty Ricky,’ as he was known on the street — and everybody knew him,

“He was able to bring in large amounts of cocaine into Baltimore and get rid of it quickly.”

“The amount of money that went through his organization in a couple years is astronomical,” Edwards added. “This is what we call a complex conspiracy. You hit a large number of people. You have a lot of moving parts.”

It is hoped that the sketch will go some way in helping Police figure out who snuffed the life out of Bettie Jenifer and then this ugly chapter can come to an end.

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