Police Confirm Busola Dakolo Rape Case, Reveal That Shockers Have Been Found

Pastor Fatoyinbo and Busola Dakolo

If anyone was of the opinion that Busola Dakolo would simply tell her story and not back it up with any action, then they need to have a rethink.

The photographer was reported to have filed a legal complaint to the Police and she did this even before the interview was published.

The police have now confirmed that they have indeed received a complaint from Busola Dakolo and that Biodun Fatoyinbo even knows about it and is trying to have the case moved to Abuja.

According to the law, cases are usually tried at the place of origin which in essence means that cases are tried in the state in which the complaint or charges were made.

In this case, Busola Dakolo resides in Lagos and also brought the complaint against Faoyinbo in Lagos, therefore, the case looks set to be tried in the state.

The police also stated that what they have uncovered so far is jaw dropping and that the mouth can’t even say some of the things found.

According to the Police: Yes, she already came to the police to file a case with us before she even came to the public. The case is here with us in Lagos. Some of the Ogas here say the Biodun man has found out and is trying to move the case to Abuja, but that is not possible because the lady in question is resident here and she filed here. An investigation is ongoing, and I am telling you, what we are finding is bigger than what the mouth can say.

With another woman attacking Pastor Fatoyinbo and accusing him of rape and the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria disowning him, it seems that things are looking grimmer and grimmer for the COZA pastor.


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