Piers Morgan Fights To Save Job After Petition Seeks To Have Him Fired

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is a divisive character, that goes without saying and his latest war on Social Media shows that in the starkest way possible.

The Good Morning Britain host holds a lot of right leaning views and this has led him on a collision course with more left-leaning individuals.

There is currently a petition to have Piers Morgan fired by Good Morning Britain over his treatment of the LGBTQ community. Morgan has always been a vocal critic of some of the things he deems as excesses of the community including the ever increasing list of genders.

Morgan has defended himself stating that while he believes in the rights of gays and trans people, he would never understand the continuous creation of new genders.

In the wake of the petition to take him off the air, a new one to keep him on was also introduced. He announced this on his Twitter saying: “BREAKING: There is now a rival petition to save me on @GMB,

“Thank you Margaret Lowry! Please sign it if you wish to repel the snivelling snowflakes & keep me in my job.”


He added in a later tweet: “‘Spread the word, my people… Sign, RT, and save me as your voice against the shriekingly illiberal liberals who want to cancel everyone who dares challenge them…’”

It seemed the petition is doing pretty well as he tweeted a few hours later that his petition now has 10,000 signatures in just three hours and is more than the one calling for him to be off the air.

The battle still seems to be raging as Good Morning Britain themselves joined in and decided to take a poll on their official Twitter account asking if Piers Morgan should stay or go.

Piers Morgan GMB

It’s clearly not going his way at the moment, but 21 hours remain, let’s see what that brings us.


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