Patoranking Drops New Video ‘Open Fire’


Patoranking has hit us again with a new video for his song ‘Open fire’ which is an aural and visual delight to the senses.

The song produced by Boris Vossgatter and Monareng Makwetla and it features Bussiwa.

It’s a song from his most recent album, ‘Wilmer’ which was named after his daughter and has been receiving praise from fans and critics.

In an interview earlier this year, Patoranking talked about how his daughter changed his life and how he grew just from becoming her father.

“You know when you’re about to transit from one stage to another. For me, that was a transition from a boy to a man. In that phase, things were funny. I wasn’t used to a lot of things I was seeing, so it was negatively affecting the whole creative process of the music. I remember the day she came. I held her in my hands, and it was a different feeling entirely.” he said in the interview.

The Music video for ‘Open Fire’ is visually pleasing and it does something really intriguing with the styles seen throughout the video.

It more or less takes place on the streets and features everyday sights, but then things are twisted and we are introduced to a mind bending sequence that at some point featured a walking tomato.

The rap sequence which was handled by Bussiwa was well done and in open fire we have a pretty solid video with solid visuals that is a song you can just imagine bopping your head to.

You can check out the video for the song below.


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