Pastor Fatoyinbo Reveals Cultists Roots In Video

Pastor Fatoyinbo

Pastor Fatoyinbo of COZA who is currently under fire for allegations of rape against celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo, revealed in a video that he used to be a cultist.

In a video that is making the rounds online, the embattled Pastor Fatoyinbo spoke to his congregation stating that he used to be a chief priest for the Black Axe confraternity.

He was a student of UNILORIN and it was at this time that he met Busola Dakolo.

Pastor Fatoyinbo said while preaching: “I hate to say this, but I’m gonna say this to help you. When I was in school I was in Black Axe and I was their Chief Priest. Everyone looking for initiation ended up with me and I used to lead them in confession. When I gave my life to Christ and I understood this dimension, I laughed and said the devil is a stupid guy. We will put the axe on your head and you will repeat after me, and I will tell you by the authority conferred on me I say this, same principle. I have tasted the two worlds and I can tell you this is the way it works. The devil understands this.”

There have been users on Twitter who had mentioned these sentiments even before now like a user who said he had never met him in person but used to hear the worst things about him back in the day.

“I went to Unilorin btw 2005/2009, I didn’t know Fatoyinbo physically then, but his reputation in the early 2000s is not something to write home about. There were rumours that Pastor Biodun was a member or Aye Confraternity. Coza then was like a club house.” said the user.

Another said: “I knew fatoyinbo as a member of the neo-black movement a.k.a: Black Axe! from Wayback.”


It’ll be interesting to see if this fact has any bearing on the case

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