Padita Agu Confirms Maureen And Blossom Chukwujekwu Separation

We reported a while ago that what looked like a fairy tale in real life has ended but with either party yet to confirm the story. Nollywood actress who is friends’ with the ex-couple, Padita Agu confirmed their separation through an Instagram post.

Wondering why she weighed in on the issue as it’s got nothing to do with her? Well, she gave a detailed explanation to that effect.

There have been several allegations making rounds on social media patenting to the break up of the couple. Ranging from cheating rumours to pregnancy rumours. Padita made it clear that none of it is true!

She wrote;

“I have known Maureen Ezissi and blossom chujwujekwu for a long time now. I knew them each separately before they got together and one thing that remained unique about them is how amazing and such a sweetheart they both are. Till date, they remain so. It is in their DNA.

The news about their separation is sadly and painfully TRUE. But the news being peddled and written about them is however very very UNTRUE. Do not believe everything you read on social media!

They reserve the right to decide what part of their lives to make public and which to keep private. At this point, let us respect their choice of privacy over this issue and pray for the best for them.

If it is God’s will, they will sort it out and be together again and if not, they will remain, good friends, as they move on with their separate lives. But please, ignore all allegations you read on blogs. None of them is TRUE. Maureen is one of the sweetest souls I have ever encountered. #LoveWins #Lovealways.”


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