Our First Look At Rihanna’s First Fenty Collection

Fenty by Rihanna

After much anticipation, Rihanna’s new luxury brand: Fenty, has finally made its debut and we’ve gotten a look at some of the first collections.

The singer announced earlier that she would be teaming up with fashion giants, LVMH, to create a fashion line.

According to a report on Harpersbazaar, Riri’s new lookbook features “a range of blazers, elevated shirting, structured T-shirts, Japanese denim pieces, and wide-leg trousers”

There was also a teaser video which features some of the looks to expect from Rihanna’s new line and Rihanna herself made a cameo appearance seeming to touch up the models when they posed in the clothes.

There were different models in the lineup from Caucasians to people of color and the short snippet seemed to be high on diversity.


Fenty is such a huge deal because it is the first time LVMH has introduced and built a new brand since Christian Lacroix in 1987 and Rihanna is also the first black woman to have a fashion house under the famed fashion brand.

Speaking on what Fenty means to women in general, Riri said: “Women are forces of this earth. We are multifaceted, complex, vulnerable yet bulletproof, and FENTY speaks to all of our intricacies,

“Some days I want to be submissive, many days I’m completely in charge and most days I feel like being both….so it was imperative that we created a line versatile enough to embrace and celebrate us in that way. The collections are easily worn together and meant to be staples in our wardrobe. I’m just hyped to see people in my clothes, man.”


Fenty is set to become the next big thing and while many will know that Rihanna is at the helm of affairs, she also explained why she was careful to use a different name for her musical projects and her fashion ones, explaining: “I used to be afraid to step into the whole celebrity makeup world. I saw brands like Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana have so much success [in the aughts], but it got to a place where they were so oversaturated in the market that it diluted their personal brands. It made me think, “I’m not going to do this, because you lose your respect and credibility,” and so every collaboration I did outside of music, I used Fenty so that you didn’t have to hear the word “Rihanna” every time you saw something that I did. So Rihanna stayed the music, the person. But these other brands are called Fenty.”

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