Osagie Osarenkhoe Narrates How She Was Assaulted By Thuggish Man

Osagie Osarenkhoe

Osagie Osarenkhoe, a popular talent manager who has managed some of the biggest names in music, narrated how she was assaulted by a thuggish man.

Osagie Osarenkhoe who has managed the likes of Wizkid and Skales, said that she was going home when someone stopped his car to greet another person in front of her showing complete disregard for everyone behind him.

She went on to narrate how things went downhill and it ended up with her getting punched in the face by the man.

Read what she wrote below:

‘Yesterday, Saturday 21st September 2019, I experienced what so many women have been through, what we all pray never to encounter. less than 3mins away from my street, this man Owolabi (@owosaga07) suddenly stopped his car, in front of me, to speak to a pedestrian’.

‘few seconds later, they were still talking and smiling. I honked, still no movement, brought my window down, beckoning on them to pls move to the side so I could be on my way.

The pedestrian ‘Mojeed’ responded, I took my window back up and waited, still nothing. I got out of the car, to speak to the driver @owosaga07 since ‘Mojeed’ wasn’t helpful. As I got to him, upset obviously, I asked him to pls move so we could go, he asked why I was in a hurry and told me he wasn’t going to move till he was done.

I told them they were both acting stupid and like kids and I was ready to wait with them too. I went to my car and started my first ever IG Live. The driver, Owosaga, got out of the car, came to my car window, banging, insisting I repeated what I said to him, I wound down to tell him it was not serious, he noticed me recording, then boom! he punched me on my cheek, heavy blow, don’t know how I managed to fight him and ‘Mojeed’ off as they kept trying to get into my car, to pull me out and grab my phone.

My husband (@osa_seven) showed up just before it got out of hand. All necessary reports have been filed, although he @owosaga07 assured me that I couldn’t do anything about the situation or to him. He forced me to delete the photos on my phone but thankfully someone was able to save a bit of my IG live.

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