Ortisefemi Pays Tribute to Dead Friend Amidst Backlash


Nigerian singer Oritsefemi has paid tribute to his friend and former music partner Chibudo ‘ Chi Jungulist’ Obinkwo who died yesterday.

Oritsefemi took to his Instagram page to pay homage to the fallen singer with a photo of him with the caption:  ‘Brother you tried your best to fight it …jah knows better ….he’s bigger than everyone and no man can question him May your soul rest in perfect peace brother… ‘

The two started ‘The Junglist Boys’ in 2006 before going their separate ways later that year.

Oritsefemi suffered a lot of backlash for that post as many in the comments claimed that he had abandoned Chi Junglist in his time of need and was only coming around now that he is dead

Oritsefemi backlash Oritsefemi backlash Oritsefemi backlash Oritsefemi backlash

Oritsefemi did come out swinging against these allegations in a follow up post where he said he contributed money and that his ‘so called’ friends were the ones who refused to front up any money.

Read what he wrote below:

He was a brave man …. he was the first to travel abroad among the both of us #china he was very talented, he know I love him ? he know I can take any shot on his behalf … he was so sick for so long, his so called new friends kept it on till when it got worse for him, that was when I was informed… and I sent money to them immediately to take him straight to the hospital… the so called friends told me the truth that my brother can not survive it anymore that he has to take him back to his mum ..


my problem is why they waited for this long… if y’all are true friends… no one can bring out money except me … nobody .. all of you guys should have contributed 1k each if you truly want him to survive, but I did my part am not super rich but have stood for so many people in this life, I took my fellow brothers problems first before facing my own .


There is no need to throw stones at anyone or throw blames! If I choose not to publicize how I help, doesn’t mean I don’t do my part! We can all be our brothers keepers.
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