Oprah Winfrey Blesses Morehouse College With $13m

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey on Monday, 7th of October 2019, donated a whopping $13 million to Morehouse college specifically to her scholarship program.

The media mogul visited the historically black college situated in Atlanta, Georgia and before she left she made the sizeable donation.

The gesture is even made more remarkable as it has been revealed as the largest ever endowment made to the college since its establishment in 1867.

Oprah Winfrey has donated $25 million so far to the scholarship program starting the program in 1989 and giving about $12 million since then.

Oprah spoke to her scholars on the day and said: “Seeing you young Oprah Winfrey scholars here today has moved me deeply. I am so proud of you, I’m proud of everybody in attendance at this school who is seeking to know more clearly who you are, the value you hold and how you will share that value with the rest of the world.”

She added:  “I was really surprised to learn that it has been 30 years since I’ve made that $12 million donation to Morehouse, and so today I would like to add $13 million to that.”

Thanking Oprah for her generosity, David A. Thomas, the President of Morehouse said: “I’m grateful to Oprah Winfrey for her generosity. I am also feeling hopeful for Morehouse and what it has garnered in terms of philanthropic support with gifts like Oprah’s and Robert Smith’s. I am hopeful that this will also get others to step up with their support of Morehouse, but even more broadly, historically black colleges and universities.”

Hopefully, this equips the school favourably to continually churn out high-quality graduates and human beings into the world.

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