Onyinbo Wives Star, Linda, Set To Wed Fiance

Linda Onyinbo Wives

Remember the reality tv show ‘Onyinbo Wives’ that was airing on Linda Ikeji TV? No? Well it was about 6 women married to white men living in Lagos.

What we are talking about today though, is the impending nuptials of one of the stars of the show, Linda, who is now getting married to her white fiance.

She released a series of photos from their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Linda Onyinbo Wives

The show aired in 2018 to mixed reception. Some people found the premise of the show thoroughly fascinating and the endless amount of drama made for good TV, others felt that the cast members were a tad too fake.

But the fascinating premise got people watching and that was good for the brand. Even Toolz O tweeted about how curious she was: “Linda may be onto something w this Oyinbo Wives thing. Not a massive fan of reality TV but even I’m curious…”

Linda Onyinbo Wives

And when the show did air, it has its fans like this woman who tweeted: “Lmaoooooo this Oyinbo Wives of Lagos on Linda Ikeji TV is killing me. Looooooove it 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

Someone else said: “I checked out Linda Ikeji TV & it’s not too bad. The reality shows are something! There’s one called Oyinbo Wives of Lagos that finished me. It’s about Nigerian women married to white men. From the promo, I thought these babes are living in mansions but nope!😂 Entertaining still”

Another Twitter user was less than impressed by the women as she tweeted: “So out of boredom,I thought I’d try watching Oyinbo Wives Of Lagos…Linda Ikeji…but why?? Where exactly did you find these women? So fake !!! 😩”

Check out more photos of the lovebirds below.

Linda Onyinbo Wives

Linda Onyinbo Wives


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