Omawunmi Explains Reasons Behind New Sexy Look


If you’ve taken a look at the Instagram page of Nigerian singer, Omawunmi, you might ask yourself: what’s going on?

The singer has posted a series of new photos on her page in recent times and a lot of them feature a sexier version of the singer unafraid to show off her curves.


Some Nigerians would take offense to this citing that she’s a wife and mother, but according to the singer herself, there’s a perfectly logical reason for the transformation.


According to Omawunmi, her new look was also necessitated by her new sound which looks like it’s going to be more daring and deep than what we’re used to.

She posted her reasons on her Instagram page where she said: “Remember when I started out in the industry… My dresses were so short, my mum would say I use handkerchiefs to sew my dresses! Over time, especially when I became a mom and a wife, I became conservative and ‘covered’ with my sense of style and music.

“Now you might ask…’what is she doing?’ My answer is my current look is intentional in connection to my current sound. ‘will it be permanent?’ – I don’t think so🤣🤣🤣…who knows? I’m just exploring my many sides and loving myself in the process….I’m just Omawonder”


Omawunmi seems to be all about positive energy nowadays and it’s reflecting in her work as it’s freer and more unfettered than ever.

She said in a recent chat with Hip TV she said: “When I first started years ago, it affects me but now, no it doesn’t. First of all, I don’t even know you, if my papa, my brother/sister or someone I know curses me, it will pain me. But even if I know you, it will still not pain me anyhow. When you say hurtful things about people or spill things about people, it reflects how you see them, it doesn’t reflect how the person sees themselves.”

We’re just glad that more and more artistes are willing to experiment with sound and we can’t wait for what Omawunmi has for us in the near future.

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