Olajumoke Orisaguna drops her last name, and is now Olajumoke Chris after leaving her baby father

Three years ago when Olajumoke Orisaguna (now Chris) burst into the limelight, many were pleased not only because she was able to find a better life for herself, but also because she was able to rise with her family in tow.

It seemed like a wonderful rags to riches story, kind of like Charlie and the chocolate factory.

But here we are, 2019, and the model has now dropped her husband’s name which was basically the death knell to the marriage.

So what went wrong?

In all honesty, no one really knows. Some assume that it was due to the fame getting to her head, a narrative that the husband has alluded to on several occasions, but it could also be that the husband refused to support her properly in her new venture, something she herself has alluded to.

Or maybe it’s just really difficult for people from two distinct monetary brackets to mix properly.

In a series of tweet, Olajumoke said that she wishes she knew 3 years ago what she knows now and that people are way to bothered by public perception.


“I wish I knew what I know now 3years ago” she said in a Twitter post

“We worry so much about public opinion…worry about you and your reality, worry about your sanity and your loved ones” she added in another tweet.

In yet another tweet, she even said that it’s quite possible that the two of them are not at fault and perhaps things just disintegrated.

“One person doesn’t need to be wrong while the other person is right, both parties could be right…lol”

She did take on people who tried to shame her, raining curses down on a poster who insulted her and said the fame got to her head.

She did say that she would speak about the issue, just not right now. Until then, we do wish all the best of luck to Ms Olajumoke Chris.

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