OAP Toolz O’s Hubby, Tunde Demuren’s Emotional Message For Their Third Wedding Anniversary

Toolz O and Tunde Demuren

OAP Toolz O and her hubby Tunde Demuren celebrated their third wedding anniversary and the Captain dropped some lovely lines in commemoration of the day.

The Captain, ever the romantic, took to his Instagram to celebrate the day he married the love of his life.

In an Instagram post which he put up earlier today, he said: “Three (3) Years ago today, my Princess became my Queen. I thank God for the blessings, the lessons and everything In between. You have made me better and I hope I have done something similar in your life. Looking forward to plenty blissful and beautiful years with my Queen.”

Toolz O and Tunde Demuren

Toolz O and her hubby are one of the cutest and hottest couples in the country and the genuine love they show for each other features highly on many people’s ‘goals’ list.

Toolz O returned the favour with a post of her own where she said: “Happy Anniversary Papa Asher! 3 years down, 99 to go!

“No need for too much talk, you know how much I stan you and will take care of anyone that messes with you!”

She also put up another post in which she thanked everyone who made it to her wedding which held in faraway Dubai: “#Memories ❤❤ Thank you to every single person that came to Dubai to be part of our special day…and thank you to @juyindemurenfor planning such an amazing event!”

The two have a son together called Asher, a son which Tunde Demuren revealed Toolz O gave up everything for. In a post on Social Media, he revealed how his wife put her career on hold to make sure her child was safely delievered.

“I need to add, @toolzo did great… left her career, left her business, left her home to make sure the Child was good all thru. I Pray for all our support systems, family, friends, and everyone that remembered us for good, may My God meet you at your point of need and overwhelm you with blessings. In Jesus name. Happy New Year. May 2019 be the best year ever,”

Happy wedding anniversary to the couple.

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