OAP Moet Abebe speaks on being a role model, says no child should emulate her

It is no longer news in this part of the world that some Nigerians have become self-acclaimed “attorney generals” on social media; they will praise international celebrities for going half-naked but will attack a fellow citizen for doing such simply because the society or culture perceives women to be decent and preserved.
However, western exposure has changed the mindset of many Nigerians and most live life on their terms. Although women are now more bold and expressive, some things are still largely unwelcome and some other things just strange. It is why even women will attack a fellow woman for her choice of lifestyle because they believe she is doing the wrong thing.
Well, for media personality Moet Abebe, she is not ready to conform to the opinions of these judges. The radio goddess as she is popularly known by her fans recently shared a beautiful picture of herself in a bikini and our dear judges took to the comments section to question her choice of lifestyle.
Broken by these comments, Moet took to her page to warn these judges that she is just living her life and wasn’t born to adhere to people’s expectations hence no child should emulate her lifestyle or look up to her as a role model. She further made it a point of duty to remind parents that they are doing a poor job at parenting if their children have to look outside for a suitable role model.
Seriously, this has got to stop guys…
Social media platforms were created so we can network and not go about disrespecting the choices people make to soothe themselves; be it a celebrity or a commoner, the way they choose to portray their lifestyle is their business.
So, to avoid unnecessary drama, it is best to either look and waka pass or just like the common witty saying “drink lots of water and mind your business”.
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