OAP Melody Calls Out Naira Marley Over Song Lyrics

Naira Marley

Naira Marley generally releases songs that generate a tonne of controversy, from ‘Am I a Yahoo Boy’, to ‘Soapy’ he just oozes controversy.

Naira Marley is in the eye of the storm again after an on-air personality with City Fm, OAP Melody, called him out on the lyrics of his new song, ‘Puta’.

The term ‘Puta’ is a derogatory word from Spanish speaking parts of the world which means ‘whore’ or ‘bitch’ and Melody is of the opinion that the song engenders sexual violence against women.

She put out a series of tweets where she called out the singer and his followers and asking why they would enable such a vile thing as sexual violence.

OAP Melody

The response to this as you can imagine has been mixed, with people coming out to support Melody’s sentiment, like this tweet: ““Baby Girl you are Puta” And you are dancing. In your naïveté and ignorance. Not knowing Puta is a Spanish insult- it means a lady who is a “female dog”, a whore and a prostitute. But you already changed your IG name to “Ifeoma Puta”. Dear marlians, you have a brain. Use it.”

Another response said: “Random guy: you’re a whore Twitter NG: it shows how your mother raised you. No woman should be called a whore. Naira Marley: “baby girl you’re a puta”( whore) Twitter NG: oshey!!! I be marlian for life! Ignorance and double standard”

Meanwhile, there were those in support of Naira Marley who called out his critics saying that he isn’t doing anything different from what other artistes do, but is only being called out because of who he is.

“Your favourite artists uses derogatory words steady and y’all move your stupid ass to it but when it comes to Naira Marley, problem. Hypocrites!!!” said on of his defenders.

Another stated that ‘Puta’ apparently also means ‘Outside’ in the Igbo language.

Did @officialnairam1 tell you its the spanish word he used? Puta is also an igbo word for outside You don’t have to be this unfortunate on a sunday morning” said another.

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