OAP Gbemi asks Nigerians to petition brands to drop influencers and celebrities who endorse Yahoo Yahoo

Gbemi o

For the last number of years, there has been the debate as to whether ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ or Internet fraud is really that bad.

Well, it’s terrible!

And OAP Gbemi has lent her voice to the cause, sharing a tweet which suggested that artistes who are in support of Yahoo Yahoo should be dropped by brands they are endorsed by.

The argument for most Yahoo Yahoo apologists is that the country needs fixing and that if things were going as they should then online fraud would not be a problem.

As one user said: “We need to create more opportunities for young people and perhaps some of them will stay away from Yahoo Yahoo. There are no jobs, no hope for tomorrow and many people laugh at folks like us who study and work really hard. I am not justifying fraud. Just saying fix the country.”

This point has been countered by many who state that what is wrong is wrong and shouldn’t be sugarcoated as right.

More appalling still is that some celebrities sympathize with the fraudsters, for instance, winner of the 2017 edition of Big Brother Nigeria, Efe, who asked “Yahoo boys bring money into the economy, Politicians steal money and take it out of our economy. Nigerians please who is justified?”

Unfortunately, he is not the only public figure who thinks this way and the question of why these artistes still have endorsements should indeed be visited.

The Internet fraud scourge affects everyone, either directly or indirectly, as @superflycook put it when answering the question as to who has truly lost something to Yahoo boys “Every one who is over scrutinized at visa interviews. Everyone who can’t Buy anything on some sites because “this is not available in your region’ etc etc. Anyone who has lost opportunities because “all of you are 419”
Everybody has lost stuff somehow.”

And it’s true, we’ve all lost somehow.

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