OAP Dotun Hits Back At Daddy Freeze’s Comment In Busola Dakolo Case


On Air Personality, Dotun has hit out at comments made by the controversial Daddy Freeze over the Busola Dakolo/Fatoyinbo case.

The leader of the #FreeTheSheeple movement did a live video following the outcome of the court case which was thrown out by the court over being statute barred.

In his video, Daddy Freeze criticized the handling of the case and seemed to insinuate that women shouldn’t come out with rape allegation stories if they do not have enough ammo to nail the perp.

Irritated by this, Dotun replied with a post of his own disagreeing with Daddy Freeze and calling him out.

He captioned the post: “We all have phases in life that affected us but some don’t care except cos they do it for the hits. I’ll scare you cos I know you very very well. I want to protect my kids and when I come in my after life, I will no matter what or who you are. you can have an opinion about everyone but always be sure that whatever you say, let it be riddled with the highest level of emotional intelligence. When you talk about others, think hard. Be very Tact in everything you say. Gender Slur is a no no for me to buttress a point 🙌🏾 #Rape is a serious thing! .. so as a wrong accusation but we are all an embodiment of knowledge. Do it with tact”

The case has tensions at an all time high with a lot of people divided on whether to side with Busola Dakolo and others on the side of Pastor Fatoyinbo.

With Busola’s team sure to appeal, this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this case and the reactions that follow.


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