OAP Daddy Freeze Reaction To Tacha’s Disqualification, Suggests Same Fate For Mercy

There have been so many unending criticisms following the disqualification of the former housemate with a lot of others not satisfied at the judgement.

Before Big Brother’s verdict, the disqualified contestant kept insisting that Mercy flipped her hair in her (tacha) face and she had to retaliate in self-defence. This action led to the news making rounds on social media for automatic disqualification of the other housemate so as to make the judgement fair!

Cool FM On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze and Beat FM OAP, Osi Suave are amongst the many others calling on the organisers of the show to be fair in their judgement.

Daddy Freeze reposted the video of the fight on his Instagram page and added that big brother should watch the video closely so he can see the act of provocation on Mercy’s part and be disqualified too.

Was big Brother fair in his judgement?? Is the question fans of the show is desperate to get an answer to?


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