Nollywood Veteran Actress Taiwo Ajai-Lycett Shares Emotional Life Changing Story About Herself

Nollywood veteran actress, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett is proof that tough times don’t last forever but tough people do.

The phenomenal actress made a shocking revelation during an interview with TheNation.

She said, “I was a mom at 15, a dropout at 16, widow at 52 and raped at 65.”

Did you ask how?

As expected, this sudden revelation comes as a surprise to many but, it is a true-life story from fall to Victory.

During the interview, she spilt a lot of tea about her life from how she got pregnant and how she was raped.

She said, “I became a teenage mom at 15 and my father wanted me to abort the baby because I was too young to be pregnant”, but my mother improvised by taking me away from the house until after delivery. After I gave birth to the baby, my father insisted I get married to the man who impregnated me. The man agreed but died shortly after.

She moved to the UK after she found a man who wanted to marry her but he was abusive. Eventually, she got married to her first husband, David Akinduro who prevented her from becoming a better person even when she was the one seeing him through school.

Unable to continue with the abusive relationship, she divorced her first husband to rediscover her self.

She added that it wasn’t easy, but had to walk away from the marriage and in the midst of the chaos, she met her second husband, Thomas Lycett.

On how she met her husband, she said;

“I was looking for an apartment and the one I got, some people living in a big apartment gave me a welcome party because I was a big name. They were all artistes too. For the party, they invited Lycett who lived across the road and we got talking.”

That was the beginning of her forever journey with Thomas Lycett. He told her he wanted to get married to her not to play games.

“I married Thomas Lycett in-between stage production.”

Taiwo combined her acting career and schooling together to be better.

Still, on her husband, she said he died when she turned 52 years.

But, before his death, Taiwo Lycett revealed that he advised her to stick to acting and while at it, return to Nigeria to share her acting gifts with people in the industry.

She returned to Nigeria in 1971 to do as she was instructed to by her late husband.

Unfortunately, Taiwo Lycett was raped in Nigeria at her home in Egba by people she claims she knew but decided not to pursue the case so as not to wallow in self-pity.

While she was trying to be better forgetting what had happened to her, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett focused on her career and was awarded Officer of the Order of the Niger [OON] National Honour in the same year of her tragic ordeal.

Speaking further, Taiwo Lycett added that one out of the other men who robbed her the same day she was raped, came back to seek for forgiveness.

“A few years later, one of them came to prostrate before me, pleading for my forgiveness, I told him to seek forgiveness from God. I told him I had moved on.”

The 75-year-old veteran actress has since gotten over her life’s sad incidents but, she only used it as a reference point to explain her life-changing experience.

Your mind is beautiful, don’t let it get poisoned!!! It is never an easy decision to make, telling one’s life true story especially when there are lots of unfortunate events, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett did it anyway…we applaud her bravery 👏



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