Nollywood Movies On Netflix October 2019

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More and more Nollywood movies are being featured on Netflix. Last month, a couple of must-see movies were added.

Below are a quick rundown of these movies

93 Days

A movie about the Ebola virus and how a team of doctors saved an entire country from an epidemic.

Chief Daddy

The hilarious comedy about a patriarch’s death and the schemes that the family devises to control his wealth



This movies follows the lives and loves of 4 women during a pivotal period of time in their lives


Green White Green

A group of friends embark on a journey of self discovery in that tricky spot between finishing high school and figuring out what to do for college.


In my Country

A desperate woman seeks help from an old friend to fund her daughter’s operation with dire consequences


King of Boys

Sola Sobowale stars in this movie about a crime boss’ slow decline and an ambitious lawman’s quest to end her enduring dynasty.



Genevieve Nnaji is Adaeze in this historic movie of a woman who seeks to save her father’s failing business after he falls ill

Merry Men- The Real Yoruba Demons

4 eligible bachelors enjoy the finer things in life in Abuja and this movie follows them as they navigate life in an ever changing landscape



Simi makes her Nollywood debut in this movie about a talented boy, Jaiye, who is torn between his passion and craft and a world of unknowns with his father.


Moms At War

Motherhood, Friendship and rivalry are the central themes in this movie about two hyper competitive moms who carry out the craziest shenanigans to see their child come out on top in a competition.


New Money

A Young girl with a modest upbringing suddenly finds herself in control of a vast empire after a sudden call from her father.


October 1

This highly acclaimed movie from Kunle Afolayan follows a detective who tries to solve the murder of several women in a local town on the backdrop of Nigeria’s impending independence.


Phone Swap

Romantic comedy starring Wale Ojo tells the tale of a coincidental phone swap that brings two very different individuals together.


Road to Yesterday

A couple on the brink of divorce relive some of their greatest hits while on an eventful trip for a funeral


A movie of destiny. A mother tries to help her child escape a terrible fate and the high priest who would stop at nothing to bring the child back.


The Arbitration

A story of suspected sexual assault, lies and redemption as a promising CEO and a disgruntled worker duke it out during an arbitration hearing.


The Bling Lagosians

This 2019 movie follows the glamorous lives of the Holloway family and a nasty scandal that threatens to ruin them all.

The Bridge

Obadare and Stella are an inter-tribal couple whose secret marriage shakes the very foundation of their respective families and brings old tensions to the limelight.


Five promising candidates for the CEO spot of a prestigious company in Nigeria fight it out using any means necessary to achieve their goals of taking top place in the company.

The Figurine

One of Kunle Afolayan’s first movies, this gritty thriller tells the tale of two friends, a common love interest and a mysterious figurine that could change their lives forever.


The Wedding Party

The quintessential Nollywood movie. This modern classic follows lovers Dunni and Dozie as they try to get their wedding to go off without a hitch as everything that can go wrong does.


The Wedding Party 2

Following the exploits of Dozie in the first movie, this one follows his brother and his attempts to find happiness with Deirdre, an upper class British girl with a snobbish family.

Up North

A young man from a wealthy family embarks on his Youth service in an unfamiliar area where things don’t always go according to plan.


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