Nollywood Alive Actor Of The Week – Ray Emodi

Ray Emodi is an actor, writer and singer who recently join the Nigeria entertainment industry.

He studied Business Management and International Strategic Enterprise at the Nottingham Trent University, England. While in school, he got engaged in some film projects which has been a passion for him.

While trying to go professional, he furthered his interest by going to the New York Film Academy (LA Branch) to perfect his skills. After his training, it was finally time to start showcasing what he could really do entertainment-wise, so he moved to Nigeria and so far, have been starred in some movies such as ;

  • A Daughter’s Dilemma,
  • God’s Own Villa,
  • You Don’t Say,
  • Heaven On My Mind,
  • The Vendor,
  • The Other Wife.


He got applauded for his exceptional role in “A daughter’s dilemma and God’s Villa” which in turn earned him credibility and recommendations.

His love for entertainment goes beyond acting. He is also a singer and has songs like; “Night-Time” his debut single.

Ray Emodi might be a newbie in Nollywood but he is such amazing talent to look at for!


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