Nollywood Alive Actor Of The Week – Queen Nwokoye

Queen Nwokoye started her acting career in 2004 but got the spotlight in 2014 and has been unstoppable ever since and her talent is exceptional.

Born in Lagos State on August 11, 1982. The beautiful Nollywood actress completed her secondary school education at the Queens College in Enugu State.

She attended Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra State where she studied Sociology and Anthropology.

She said, “growing up, I wanted to become a lawyer.” However, she ventured into acting and has become a big shot in the industry.

The 37-year-old actress got into the Nollywood industry in 2004 and her first movie was “Nna Men,” but got her recognition in 2014 from the movie titled ‘Chetenna’ where she was the lead actress in the movie.

She has starred in over 200 movies. Her consistency and talent have earned her numerous nominations and awards. Such as;

1. Best Indigenous Female Actress Award in 2015 ZAFAA African Film Academy Awards.

2. Best Actress in a Leading Role(Igbo) and The Face of Nollywood in 2015 and 2016 respectively at the City People Awards.

Yet to see her movies? Here are a few of them; Show Me Heaven, Sand In My Shoe, Powerful Civilian, Temple Of Justice, Old Cargos, Powerful Civilian, Show Me Heaven, Sand In My Shoe, Temple Of Justice, Ada Mbano and a lot more!!!

Describing her most challenging movie, she said: “Ada Mbano” was quite challenging for her because of the Ibo dialect she had to learn because she’s from Anambra State, not Imo state. She brilliantly pulled it off.

Queen Nwokoye despite being an actress with a lot of fans, she has managed to stay scandal-free by keeping her private life away from the public eye and public scrutiny.

The mother of three got married in 2011 The couple is blessed with three children and she keeps them away from the spotlight.

2weeks ago, she made a shocking revelation of how she lost her both parents In the space of 6months…May their soul’s rest in peace.

Queen Nwokoye is a fearless actor with the zeal to bring life into any given character in a movie. She’s resilient and constantly does the most in her movies.

That is why she’s our Actor Of The Week.



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