Nollywood Alive Actor Of The Week – Gabriel Afolayan

Gabriel Afolayan who goes by the stage name G-Fresh is a Nigerian Singer and actor. He is the son of the late Iconic Entertainment Legend, Adeyemi Afolayan and brother to other Nigeria entertainment pioneers Kunle Afolayan and Moji Afolayan.

Before he began his acting career, he first studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan and he was also a musician in Ibadan as a part of a group in the 90s.

Some of his popular songs are; Plug It, Kokoro Ife, Awelewa.

Coming from a family of entertainers, his acting career was a path he definitely would consider and yes he followed in that direction.

He got his fame/popularity from a Television Series by Wale Adenuga, “Super Story” in one of the series titled “Nnenna” where he played the role of ‘Akin’. But, he had his acting debut in a movie titled “F Opawon” directed by Baba Sola.

Gabriel Afolayan is a talented entertainer with unique skills and with his funny nature, he could pass for a comedian which has given him an edge above others and got him some awards such as;

1.  Best Actor In A Supporting Role.

2.   Best Actor In A Leading Role.

Movies he has featured in includes;

1.___ Ojuju

2.___ Sade

3.___ Madam Dearest

4.___ Something Wicked

5.___ 7 Inch Curve

6.___ First Cause

7.___ Okafor’s Law, etc..

The award-winning actor is a brand ambassador for a communication’s company, AIRTEL which has given him more avenue for popularity.

The actor got married to his wife, Adewale Lawal after 18months of dating in 2018 and was talked about for a while because of the calibre of personalities that attended the wedding.

Despite coming from a family of well known and recognised entertainers, Gabriel Afolayan is a natural-born talent who can fit into any given role and finds a way to make it hilarious but, in the long-run, still passes the message the movie intends to.

That is why he is our actor of the week.



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