Nollywood Actress, Sylvia Ukaatu Recounts Her Mistake At The Age Of 18, In An Interview

The Nollywood actress shared a daring story of her life that got her fans surprised.

The actress spoke with The Entertainer Newspaper about the reason behind her unmarried status. She also shared the content on her Instagram page to set the record straight should it be misunderstood or taken out of context.

In the interview, she talked about the blood oath she took with her ex-boyfriend not to be with any other man except him while the guy did the same. As time progressed, unfortunately for her, he travelled outside the country. To her greatest surprise, he got married to someone else.

She pleaded with him to come back him so that they go back to break the oath, proved abortive as the ex-lover didn’t yield to her warnings, rather, moved on with his life. She was affected the most because she has been unable to get married as every relationship of her’s that should lead to marriage ends up in disappointment on the day of the introduction.

Her fans who came across the publication drew her attention over the unclear fact about the oath as she seemed to be the only one affected by the oath when it ought to be both ways.

She made a post on her Instagram page to elaborate on it and added that the guy in question has suffered worst fate too. She said none of the children bore by the other woman(his wife) survived. She made it clear that they finally broke the oath meaning everyone is free from the bondage now.

She reassured her fans that she’s fine now and the oath has been broken and also used her story as a medium to advice young ladies who doubt the power of oath-taking simply because they are in love, not to do it.

She is among the lucky few and the advice is very useful.

Source – The Entertainer


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