Nollywood Actress Georgina Onuoha Explain What She Does For A Living And All It Entails

Nollywood actress who has left the acting profession for a while now has come out to reveal details about her new career path recently. The beautiful mother of two daughters is one of Nollywood’s gifted actors known mostly from the movies Valentino and Die Another Day.

Georgina left Nollywood a long time ago, with the hope that her fans might get to see her in screen again, someday soon. She has always hinted her social media followers on her whereabouts and once hinted on buying a house in the United States.

Many questioned her source of income considering she’s no longer active as an actor. The US-based Nollywood actor revealed via social media all she’s been up to.

The 39-year-old actor shared a picture of herself with personal information of her work and all it entails.

Many have linked her to be a Nurse in the United States but her revelation counted it but it’s health-related. She works as a Health Information Specialist.

“Most often, I get asked ‘Gina’ what do you do? Simple: I am a woman wearing many hats. Many think I’m a Nurse, No I am not a nurse. Rather I process and analyze health care data. I am a Health Information Specialist and my job entails holding doctors, nurses and all clinical healthcare providers accountable and making sure they are applying both State and Federal laws when providing healthcare services to patients.”

Georgina further explained that she does a lot more for a living. She said;

“I am a financial adviser with World Financial Group and also a Childcare Services Business Owner.”

She didn’t stop without appreciating hardworking people after revealing how many hours she works.

“I work 16 hours each day and have nothing but tremendous respect for hardworking people. There’s dignity in hard work and it gives one, great integrity.


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