Nollywood Actress, Elvina Ibru Is Confident She’ll Meet The Armed Man Who Robbed And Raped Her In 2004

In a recent interview with the News Agency Of Nigeria{NAN}, Nollywood actress Elvina Ibru used her past experience that she referred to as ‘Ugly’ to urge rape victims to speak out using a group she has put together.

She said;

“I was raped by an armed robber in 2004, it wasn’t my fault and not an incident that warrants me taking a microphone about, so I set up an advocacy group to address it.”

Talking about the advocacy group she put in place to lend a voice to raped victims, Elvin made it known that age is not a barrier when it comes to tackling issues in the group. The Old and Young are welcomed if they have experienced the same ugly incident.

“If I had to go to the media about the situation, it will fizzle out, ” she said.

Although the revelation seems new to many, Elvin Ibru emphasised that she hasn’t been silent about it but, she does not know who raped her, she’s confident that she will cross path with the perpetrator again.

“I don’t know the person that raped me, but I will meet him again, I know I will meet him.”

Further speaking on Nollywood, Ibru urged stakeholders to be professional in their conduct and handle things about the industry, carefully and seriously.

“There are times that we need to up our games as actors, producers, and other professionals in the filmmaking industry, we need to do things right.”

Ibru stressed that things which have gone wrong in the industry didn’t just happen due to lack of money even when it is a big factor, but also through the way issues we’re handled.

“There are other things that are attached to filmmaking which we need to look at to move the industry forward, ” she said.

The beautiful actress, Mrs Elvin Ibra is a multi-talented actor, producer, director and writer who played the role of “Mopelola” in the Nollywood drama, “Bling Lagosians.”



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